Scissors for grooming.

Everyone who grooms their pets needs at least one pair of scissors. As a novice, I used whatever scissors were lying around the house. After all, scissors are scissors, right? After visiting a local dog show, I visited the vendor section outside... and was introduced to more types of scissors than I thought possible. These are available in an almost endless array of size, shape, and cost. Starting around $15 for a good pair, they range to over $100 and finishes range from stainless steel to brass to gold. A wide variety are available, especially from German manufacturers.

When looking for a good pair of scissors, find a pair that are comfortable and can be picked up with one hand. Blunt tips are always a good idea, especially for those used around the face and ears. You never know when your pet will turn.

For general clipping, I have a pair of inexpensive scissors (top). Their longer blades are good for trimming the feathers and skirts, where long strait cuts are needed. $8

Trimming the ear flaps called for a different set of scissors. Blunt tips are necessary in this area, and I opted for a set with a slight curve in the blade (center left). These also work well in trimming hair between toes and around toenails. $18, Millers Forge.

Trimming inside the ear canal required a smaller set of scissors. I chose a pair with enlarged blunt tips (center right) and found these also work especially well on foot pads. $20, Fromm Ice Stainless.

No set of scissors is complete without a set of thinning scissors (bottom). The larger blade has a number of teeth, each with a U shaped leading edge. On many dogs, the feathering is too heavy to lay properly. These blades are used to thin and taper the feathering so it lays more "naturally". I've seen it done in the grooming shops, but I have trouble with this grooming technique. When I'm finished, instead of a smooth transition, it looks more like it was trimmed with a weed whacker.

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