History of Spaniels

Spaniels are a very old family, going back in Spanish writings of the 14th century. It is English breeders who get credit for most of the various breeds of Spaniel. In the early days, it was common to have Cockers, Springers, etc., in the same litter, the difference being their size. In the late 1800s, Cockers were recognized as a unique breed. Although guidelines are set, the breed continues to change even today.

Breeders in America and England had different ideas of the best traits for the breed. By the late 20s, the breeds had diverged significantly. Shortly afterwards, each was recognized as a unique breed.

Cockers are considered high-maintenance dogs. This is due to their bearing heavy coats and, in many cases, due to numerous health problems. Both of these can be minimized by careful choice of a puppy and with proper grooming.


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