Dog Grooming Care and Precautions

It's very important the dog owner have full control over the situation when grooming his or her dog. The dog must not be allowed to threaten his owner and he must not bite or become aggressive. If this type of thing occurs, make sure to put a muzzle on the dog immediately; this will teach the dog that he is not allowed to act aggressively. When the dog calms down you can then take the muzzle off of him again, if he calms down make sure to praise him.
Make sure to keep an open eye as not all dogs show their aggressive intentions clearly. Be very careful with dogs that lick their mouths or worse yet, your hands because it is a signal of discomfort and it means he does not like what you are doing to him. A dog that does this might bite, so be very cautious. Remember that putting a muzzle on the dog will ensure your safety if he is not completely relaxed or starts to act aggressively.

Some of the items we use when grooming a dog such as electric buzzer, hair dryer etc. sometimes scare dogs. So it will be necessary to get the dog used to these sounds progressively by teaching the dog to listen to them without placing them directly on the dog's body yet. Remember to have full control of the situation, it is not the easiest job to groom a dog that does not want to sit still or that is afraid or worse yet, becomes aggressive. As the owner you will need to learn to have the last word. If you are not fully convinced of your way of doing this you will need to change the way you are grooming him. If you still need help with it, get professional guidance.


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