We start to groom a cocker!

So now your dog is clean, dry & all brushed out - where do you start? Anywhere, really! Let's begin with the back and work down. Place one of your combs on the end of your clipper - either the 1" or the 1/2", depending on how short you like your dogs coat on his back, or if you are using a 4-F blade instead, put it on now. With the comb, shave against the grain of the hair, starting at the tail and continuing to the neck & making sure the hair that is falling off does not tangle in with your dogs feathers (the long hair on his legs & sides).
If you are using the blade instead of the comb, you can shave with the direction of the hair to get a longer length if desired. I use the combs because the blade gets very hot during cutting, and with the comb on the hot blade never touches your dogs skin. Another plus to the combs is they are very lightweight, where the 4-F blade is heavier than the standard #10 blade. If you are having a problem controlling or gripping the clipper the extra weight of the 4-F blade can compound your difficulties.
Shave a small area, then put down your clippers & turn them off (let them cool). Brush out the area you have shaved, smooth it down with the horse hair brush, and see how you like it. If it is too short or too long then change your comb before proceeding. Clean the hair off your table as you go along to prevent it from tangling in with your dogs coat and causing a big mat. Give your dog a treat - good dog! Keep your voice calm and your tone down - nice calm praise.
Continue shaving the top coat. After you have finished this, let your dog run around a little - take a small potty break! Give him/her some treats - keep it fun.

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