Drying Dogs Hair

Blow drying and brushing your dog's hair: Blow drying a dog's hair is something that must be done very carefully because dogs are not able to handle the heat of a blow dryer very well. Using a dryer will decrease the amount of time you will need to spend towel drying your dog and in breeds that have curly hair it loosens the hair which forms a thick uniform layer which can then be cut with some scissors and will then allow you to sculpture it th 
e way you desire. If the dog's coat is not properly prepared, cutting it will be more difficult and the results will probably not be the best. If you choose to use a dryer on the dog's coat, it might turn into a problem since you need both hands – one to keep the dog in place and the other to use the brush. Professional dog groomers use special dryers that allow their hands to be free. Make sure to never put your dog too close to the dryer so as to not burn his hair. Brush the dog's hair while you are drying it with the brush or comb (depending on your breed).
As soon as your dog is done with his bath make sure to take as much water off of his coat with your hand by pressing hard on the sides of his head, tail and ears (make sure not to hurt the dog though!), followed by his sides, his stomach, his legs and paws from top to bottom. Finish off the job by drying him with a sponge towel or a normal towel completely. The dog will still be slightly wet after this but he should not be drenched in water by any means. 



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