Grooming of cocker spaniel legs.

Next we will shave the hind leg area - you can use either the 1/4" or 1/2" comb, shave against the growth of hair, begin right above what would be his knee joint, and shave upward into the area you shaved the back coat off of. You only shave the outside flank of the rear legs, not the longer "feathers". See red area outlined on picture.

Now, the front legs - shave from the foot upward, onto the shoulders, and into the back coat area using the same comb or blade you used on the back legs. You can use the soft scrunchy or snood on his ears at this point to hold them up from the area being groomed. Keep the scrunchy nice and loose - don't hurt your dogs ears. Do not shave the back of the legs.

If your dog is getting antsy, take another break, let your clippers cool down, next we will start the head/ears.


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