Business Owners Reccomendations.

Based on the results of recent surveys we know that 90% of career seekers want to one day open your own pet grooming business. 48% of you expect to employed when first entering the grooming industry, but it's only a step to one day being a business owner. However, nearly all of the 90% destined to open a grooming business say they have no previous experience as a business owner of any kind. Now that's a big career step indeed!

Becoming a business owner is perhaps one of the most important events in your life. It requires knowledge and advance planning, and even changing the way you think in the workplace. You are not employed anymore working under the directions and supervision of management, so you are the supervisor of every aspect of your business, indeed, you are the OWNER, MANAGER, SUPERVISOR, GROOMER, BOOKKEEPER, CUSTOMER SERVICE and probably more job descriptions.

Doesn't a business owner require more skills than grooming alone?

What 2 hats are you really wearing? Groomer and Manager.

Where is your MANAGEMENT training specific to grooming?

Did you know there is only one book ever written in the history of the grooming industry dedicated to MANAGEMENT? One. It's advertised here a lot for a reasons, but for one good reason. You need it! If you are a business owner, you have more responsibilities than just being a groomer. Too many thousands of grooming business owners have little or no management training; that's a fact. They are wonderful groomers because they love it, but they love it more than management, but management is what keeps a business alive and healthy, less stressful and financially successful. The source of groomer burnout is not grooming, but a lack of business education and accepting business problems as normal.

From Problems to Profits - The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses is perhaps our foremost recommendation to first time business owners as well as veteran groomers. It is an incredible business plan and management guide, and it can save you thousands of dollars avoiding years of trial and error in getting a stable and profitable grooming business established.

You need more knowledge to become a business owner. Here are some answers to frequent questions.

  • At present pet grooming businesses and pet groomers are not formally licensed as a vocation, as are doctors, lawyers etc. However that may change in the future. You are responsible to maintain your awareness of vocational licensing requirements.

  • Because the profession of grooming is not vocationally licensed does not mean you do not have to apply for other permits and licenses. If you are going to open a home, mobile, commercial salon or shop, or your own business leasing space from another business, you most likely have to apply for some licenses and permits. Most likely they will fall into these categories, 1) local government, 2) state government and 3) federal government. Here are the most common licenses and permits, but this list does not represent a complete list and you are responsible to discover all permits and licenses you require by contacting local, state and federal business owner and employer agencies.

  • Local government will almost certainly require that you inform them of your new business by applying for licenses and permits. You usually do this at your "City Hall" and/or "County Clerk." Ask for assistance in opening a new business, and they will inform you of local government licensing and permit requirements. You may need a permit to operate or license in your city, and sometimes county, even if you have a mobile grooming business. You are most likely to need one when you open a business in "incorporated" areas of your town or city. You are most likely also required to file a "fictitious name statement" or "dba - doing business as" application, and have to publish it in locally approved media. What this means is that the public has the right to know who owns the "ABC Pet Grooming Business" as a matter of public record. Be sure to ask your local government how to file, and know that almost certainly any bank where you desire to open a business type account is going to ask for proof that you filed your fictitious name statement with local government. Finally, you may become amazed that your local government may or may not allow a pet grooming business where you want it. In California urban areas it is difficult, if not impossible, to legally open a grooming business in the home, and sometimes they do not allow a commercial vehicle (like a mobile grooming van) to be parked in front of the owner's home as it is a visual nuisance distracting neighbors. The moral of the story? Go to your local government offices and be honest in describing the business you want to open, and ask them for a list of all legal requirements to open such a business. Don't disobey or ignore any requirement as you don't want someone to take recourse against your business down the road. As a new business owner you should introduce yourself to a local attorney and explain your dream of opening a local business, and in that way you have someone ready to help. Don't be embarrassed, they started new at one time and know what it is to open a new business - in fact you should be proud - and they know you need working relationships with professionals just like they do with other professionals. Remember, you are no longer and employee, but an owner and possibly employer and they both use professional help occasionally.

  • State government does get involved with your business. If you are going to sell retail pet products, even a few, you are going to collect sales tax and transfer it state and/or local government. It is critical that you get a resale permit. From experience we can tell you that you must be very accurate to the penny in collecting and transferring sales tax monies, and keep detailed sales records for retail items separate of sales of services like grooming. Oh yes, there are some areas where you do collect tax on services. Again it is your responsibility to go your state government offices and inform them that you intend to open a business in their state, and you require a list of requirements to do so. Yes, there are states that require a state license to operate in addition to local business licenses. Be sure to inform them that your business is grooming pets and some retail sales if applicable so that they provide you with the most accurate requirements. You may be responsible for additional state taxes on businesses, business owners and your employees. Be sure to talk to your state level taxation agencies to under what records, policies and procedures, and filings you must follow and complete. Again, working professionals such as your bookkeeper, Certified Public Accountant and lawyer will be invaluable. Some states, even local governments, are now requiring pet groomers to get special permits, sometimes issued by the U.S.D.A., and permits to use and store chemicals like flea dip pesticides, etc. Ask! State, local and federal government all hold you responsible to get their information for the business and type of business you intend to open, and so do we.

  • Federal government requirements may exist specific to a pet grooming business. If you are a sole-proprietor grooming business you are responsible to file estimated tax payments for income you draw from your business, and you will have to start filing the long form 1040, and additional forms like a Schedule C (profit/loss from your business) and Schedule SE the "Social Security" payments you must make on your personal income drawn from the business. Your Social Security number will be used on many of these documents, but even if you have only one employee you must get an EIN number (Employer ID Number) as you will be required to withhold payroll taxes. The IRS has employer handbooks. If you incorporate your business, or form one of the newer "LLC" type organizations, there are even more rules and regulations. Okay, are you frightened now? Don't be! We always groomed a few extra pets every month figuring that the money we earned from them would pay for our bookkeeper, Certified Public Accountant and sometimes a lawyer to keep our business operating to the letter of the law. By doing this we "slept well at night." You should to, and don't worry. Often you can earn more money grooming pets than trying to do all of this extraneous business work by yourself. It's worth it indeed. Your business is like a baby and you take your baby to a doctor right? Okay, business professionals help you to do tax forms, paychecks and much more in the same way. It's always the people that don't get professional help that get into trouble someday. Also, the bookkeeping system in this extensive book will help you to keep records suitable for your bookkeeper and CPA. In fact many readers report that they get charged less because the book's system organizes the information they need so well they can complete their work far more quickly!

  • You are going to need insurance for your business.


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