Untangling Knots and Drying Dog Hair

Untangling the knots in dog hair is no easy task. How to untangle knots in a dog's hair is explained herein: Make sure when drying and brushing your dog's hair to not pull too hard because it can irritate your dog's skin. Brush the hair quickly while drying it to air out and draw out the dog's hair. If you are the owner of a breed that has long hair, you will need to brush it in the direction of the hair so that it does not get tangled and make sure to separate it towards the sides if and when necessary. Usually this is done by brushing from back to front, and then brushing the paws downwards to upwards, and finally finishing with the dog's head and ears. If you have a special dog dryer you will need to dry the dog's legs by keeping them extended and brushing them against the direction of the dog's hair, the same way you would to untangle a knot. 
However, if you have a normal hand dryer you will have to dry the dog's legs and paws with a towel while at the same time using the dryer rubbing them upwards and downwards. Then you will proceed to pull the dog's hair outwards and dry until you have a perfect brushing. When using a hand dryer however, the results are not always the same as with professional dryers and it takes a lot longer.

Remember that it's very important you dry your dog's hair well especially in the areas that can be affected by humidity such as the dog's ears, whiskers; under it's tail, face legs and paws. It is essential to groom and brush your dog's hair every day. Doing this is not only good for your dog's coat but it will keep your home free of hair deposits. If you are able to, start brushing your dog's hair at puppy age so that he gets used to it. Dogs that are used to getting groomed often times enjoy these sessions.


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