Is it worth to start pet grooming business?

So now after reading all articles on this blog some of you perhaps start  thinking of your own pet grooming business.

Is it worth to start?

Demand for pet groomers will increase 12% by 2010. The U.S. pet industry is a $32 billion a year business noted for being recession resistant. It has steadily grown from $16 billion in 1992.

Recent research into Yellow Pages advertising by groomers and U.S. pet population studies indicates there were nearly 28,000 pet grooming businesses or other pet businesses offering ancillary grooming services in the U.S. in 2003.

Yet thousands of professional groomer jobs are vacant year round, perhaps because there are over 4,000 dogs and cats for every U.S. grooming business.  So career opportunities are nearly limitless.

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During next month we will talk about many important issues which are connected with building a pet grooming business. See you! 




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LOL, part of my Franchised business is dog grooming and hydrobath, glad to see there is a market

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