How to Groom Dog with Scissors

There is a lot more to cutting a dog's hair with scissors, even more so than in trimming and it requires a lot of skill and practice. Don't be under the impression that you will be able to create a magnificent sculpture within the first weeks; you will need to practice. Before using scissors on your dog it's important to know that there are certain types of hair that can be cut while there are others that can't. Curly hair that can be pulled with a brushing are

perfect for cutting with scissors. Whereas longer hair, whether they be straight or have a lot of volume, should not be cut with scissors because it will turn into an uneven result. It's best to just even out this type of hair or to slightly shave it.

Make sure when starting out that the dog's hair is dry and perfectly brushed out, with no knots or mats. There is another technique called scissoring which consists in sculpting depending on the imaginary lines that will need to be done in as much of a uniform way as possible, which will then be the definite lines to follow of the cut.


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