How to groom cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Do you want your cavalier King Charles Spaniel feel healthy and look perfect? Grooming is an essential procedure for this dog. Regular grooming keeps your Cavalier clean, healthy. It also prevents problems caused by fleas, ticks, matted hair, uncleaned teeth, excessive buildup of earwax, dirt and bacteria.
Usually grooming a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel isn’t very difficult because these dogs are extremely social and enjoy constant companionship from humans and other dogs alike. However, in order to make grooming easy at the same time fun for you and your dog, you’d follow some tips below:
  • First of all, gather all necessary requirements. Probably you’ll need different tools to clean the eyes, ears, brush teeth, bathe, dry, trim nails as well as hair. Again, make sure you have all these things before doing anything else.
  • Remember, that before bathing your dog, you need to brush and comb away mats and dead hairs as this become tight and unmanageable when wet. Such dogs as Cavalier King Charles Spaniel require daily brushing to make sure that the coat does not get matted and that foreign objects such as grass and sticks do not become entangled. So comb or brush your pet from top to bottom using the appropriate comb/brush for his coat. You’ll need different types of comb, such as combs with fine teeth, with medium teeth, with coarse teeth and combs with or without handles. Besides there are brushes with short metal pins, slanted metal pins, with flexible plastic pins, oval-shaped brushes and rectangular brushes.
  • It’s important to avoid wetting your pet's ears, eyes and mouth. You should clean your dog's ears regularly to prevent excessive buildup of earwax. The cavaliers have excessive hairs growing on the ear canal. You might want to trim this hairs. However breed standards for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel demand that this must be kept long. Anyway, the best thing to do is to ask your vet or groomer about this.
  • You should begin shampooing at the neck and move downward. Pay careful attention around the nose, mouth, ears and eyes. After shampoo, rinse your dog thoroughly because shampoo residue will cause hot spots, an irritating spot of bald, itchy, red skin.
As soon as bathing is over, dry your dog. If you need to blow dry your dog, choose a good quality dryer to eliminate or minimize the risk of burning your pet.

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