Dimplex and Salamander Heaters

Nowadays salamander garage heaters are popular among construction workers and garage owners because they are able to heat large areas quickly, affordably and comfortably. Its thermostat can be adjusted between 40° to 100° F. It also has a fan only operation feature. Electric Wall / Ceiling Mount Salamander TPI yes15203a 51195 btu’s is manufactured by reputed brand TPI. The heater is a 51195 Btu unit with 15000 watts, 208 volts and 42 amps.

Dimplex heaters offer a line of fan-forced heaters for different applications in your home. This type of heater is used for quick, powerful bursts of heat in areas that normally become cool or that you want to heat temporarily. Dimplex heaters provide a great alternative to heating a living space without turning up your central furnace.

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