Hazardous Indoor Plants

You have to be careful in dealing with cacti. In some species (prickly pear) spines can easily go under the skin, and pull them pretty hard. This can lead to skin irritation and even the formation of abscesses. Among the indoor plants there are a few of these, which must be handled carefully. For example, oleander, which is quite poisonous juice. You must try not to touch the leaves or flowers, and if it has to do, after you finish your work, you should thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. 

Especially should be protected from hazardous juice eyes. People with very sensitive skin at the slightest contact with the leaves of primroses room there is severe irritation, even inflammation of the skin. Many people believe that to keep the plants in the room is harmful and dangerous to health, because their leaves are supposedly emit a lot of carbon dioxide. 

 All green plants do emit carbon dioxide during respiration, but only in the dark. But no harm to human health, it does not work - so little of it. However, if the room is growing several large plants in tubs, it can increase humidity. But it is harmful only if the room is generally pretty crude. If the air is dry, a moisturizing it will only be helpful.

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